Migrating existing Mercurial (HG) repositories to Deveo

The following steps are needed in order to migrate existing Mercurial repositories to Deveo:

  1. Create a new repository in Deveo project. You can accomplish this either through quick actions or from the repositories screen:
    Create new repository from quick actions
  2. Clone the repository you wish to migrate:
    hg clone <OLD-REPOSITORY-URL>
  3. Go to the repository directory:
  4. Obtain the clone URL for the repository you created in Deveo from the repository view:
    Deveo Mercurial repository clone URL
  5. Push the repository to Deveo:
    If you copied the clone URL with SSH as an access method, you need to have your SSH key added to Deveo in order to push the changes.
  6. Clone the repository from Deveo to a new directory
    Alternatively, you can change the new clone URL to the [paths] section of .hg/hgrc file in the repository.
Updated on: 23 March 2017