Project & repository hooks

Project and repository hooks can be configured from the "Hooks" view by the admins of the project or repository.

Project hook

Project webhook can be used to notify external services when new repositories are created in Deveo.

Repository hooks

Repository hooks can be used to notify external services when new commits are pushed to a repository.

Restricting hook execution

Hooks are executed by default when they are marked as active. Repository hooks can be further restricted by using case-insensitive regular expressions on reference and path. When set, the hook will be executed only if the reference pattern matches a branch or a bookmark, and/or if any of the changed paths matches the path pattern. Examples:

1. Execute hook only when master or develop branches are updated:

Set reference pattern as ^(master|develop)$ and leave path pattern empty.

2. Execute hook only when javascript files are changed:

Leave reference pattern empty and set path pattern as .*\.js$.

3. Execute hook only on feature branches changing paths matching tests:

Set reference pattern as ^feature and path pattern as tests.

Updated on: 23 March 2017