Bots & programmatic repository access

Bots enable access to projects without using user credentials. Program access can be given securely to projects using either bot's credentials, SSH keys, or API keys.

Deveo supports two types of bots: normal bots and company admin bots. Normal bots can be assigned to projects and repositories with guest, developer, or master role, while company admin bots have access to all the projects by default. Company admin bots can also manage users, collaborators, and groups in the company.

Privilege Guest  Developer  Master Company admin
Create and update build events ¬†✓
Read repositories
Write to repositories [1]
Merge code reviews [2]
Write to protected branches
Manage users and collaborators
Manage groups and members

Managing bots

Normal bots can be created by users and assigned to projects by project admins, and assigned to repositories by repository admins. Owners of the bot can manage bot and its credentials, while members can only access them.

Public bots are visible to everyone, while private bots are only visible to owners and members. Collaborators can only see bots and company admin bots are only available to company admins.

Updated on: 23 March 2017