DeveoAuth Extension for Active Directory

DeveoAuth extension allows Deveo LDAP Sync to synchronize passwords from Active Directory to Deveo. It will store a Deveo compatible password hash for the users in Active Directory when users change passwords. The extension can be configured to use some existing Active Directory attribute like division or a custom attribute like deveoPassword can be created for it as well.

Install DeveoAuth Extension

Download DeveoAuth extension from Customer portal and extract it. Make sure to use the correct version of the C++ runtime libraries and DeveoAuth.dll for every domain controller.

Attribute Description Example
ldap_bind_dn Credentials to modify password_attribute cn=Administrator,cn=users,dc=company,dc=com
ldap_bind_password Credentials to modify password_attribute passwordForTheUser
ldap_search_base_dn Base tree of the users cn=users,dc=company,dc=com
password_attribute Attribute to store the password hash division

Restart the server and change the user passwords. Check that the password attribute is set using "Active Directory Users and Computers"

Updated on: 28 April 2017