System Overview

Deveo On-Premises is the private installation of Deveo running on the infrastructure of the organization, behind the firewall. The overview section of this guide provides information about the operating environment of Deveo, the architecture, release process, and other important background information.

Operating Environment

Deveo is composed of a number of popular open source components (see Technology stack). Deveo is provided as a comprehensive solution for hosting and managing enterprise software. Deveo is provided as a native package, including .rpm and .deb, and can be installed on one of the supported 64-bit architecture Linux platforms.

Administrative Account

Most of the Deveo services are running as local deveo user account, except services that require binding to privileged ports. Therefore full sudo rights are required.

Additionally, Deveo provides a special Admin account, which is used to administer Deveo from the UI. Administrator privileges allows a user to maintain the Deveo installation.

Updated on: 28 April 2017