Deveo follows Semantic versioning for all its packages and releases. We do not have a predefined release cycle, instead new versions are continuously delivered. Based on our earlier releases, the minor versions were available approximately every 2 weeks. However, the patch versions with important bug fixes and security updates were shipped right away.

Obtaining Deveo

In order to download Deveo and our future releases, you need to have a Deveo Customer portal account. If you don't have one, please sign up for a free trial.

Package names

All Deveo packages follow the below naming convention:



Versioning and compatibility

Every package contains everything you need to install Deveo, hence we do not produce "delta releases". You can also skip upgrading to some releases, as long as you do not jump over the major version. Here is the example upgrade compatibility table:

Your version Skipped version Current version Can upgrade to Current?
deveo-1.0.0 deveo-1.0.1 deveo-1.0.2 Yes
deveo-1.1.0 deveo-1.2.0 deveo-1.3.0 Yes
deveo-2.5.0 deveo-2.6.0 deveo-3.0.0 Yes
deveo-2.5.0 deveo-3.0.0 deveo-4.0.0 No

Similarly, if you are having a Cluster type of deployment, you can have different versions of the packages, as long as you maintain the common major version. For example:

DB package Web package Will work with each other?
deveo-db-1.0.0 deveo-web-1.0.1 Yes
deveo-db-1.1.0 deveo-web-1.2.0 Yes
deveo-db-2.0.0 deveo-web-3.0.0 No
Updated on: 28 April 2017