Getting Started

This section provides a quick introduction to Helix TeamHub On-Premises installation in a single server environment (see Combo) with one of the supported platforms.

Download the Helix TeamHub Combo package specific to the host operating system from Perforce's package repositories. After uploading the package to the server, install the dependencies and the package itself as root.

Alternatively, use the Perforce's package repositories directly to install the package instead of using the rpm -ivh or dpkg -i commands below.

RHEL and CentOS

yum install python-devel gettext python-docutils pam-devel cronie postfix libidn libidn-devel bzip2
rpm -ivh hth-X.X.X-stable.el6.x86_64.rpm

Debian and Ubuntu

apt-get install python-dev python-docutils gettext sudo libpam0g-dev postfix libidn11 libidn11-dev cron bzip2
dpkg -i hth_X.X.X_amd64.deb

Next, follow the steps provided by the installation package to configure the instance.

For a more detailed and production ready setup, please visit Deployment preparation.

Updated on: 17 November 2017