Controlling Helix TeamHub

As described in the Architecture section, Helix TeamHub is composed of popular open-source technologies. Helix TeamHub runs and monitors a number of services, which are responsible for executing user requests, scheduling, and running background operations.

Helix TeamHub comes with the hth-ctl tool, which helps manage Helix TeamHub services and configuration, and aids in performing administrative tasks. This is the same tool used during the Helix TeamHub installation and upgrades.

Control Commands

Retrieve the list of all available commands by running sudo hth-ctl. The most commonly used commands are listed below:

Warning! Some control commands are destructive! Be extremely careful when executing unfamiliar switches.


Helix TeamHub runs and monitors a number of services using the runit service supervision tool. The list below outlines all available services on the Helix TeamHub servers. In Cluster or HA deployment, the services will be spread across the Web and DB roles.

Updated on: 17 November 2017